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The Support

How we support you!

Tan 24™ Salon Consultants assist you with your salon from the first day of planning until 90 days after opening, assistance with initial salon planning, site selection, equipment selection, financing, build out, marketing, and operational expertise. 24hr Tan Salon Consultants are with you every step of the way, to save you money, to save you time and to avoid costly mistakes.

  • 24hr Tan is not a franchise instead we are a partnership of licensed salons.
  • 24hr Tan does not charge large initial franchise fees.
  • 24hr Tan is a partnership of an associated salon, working with a unifying brand name and operational standards to make the whole greater than the parts.
  • 24hr Tan can help you every step of the way from planning and building to opening your tanning salon.
  • 24hr Tan provides you with the specialized equipment and knowledge to run a successful 24 hour tanning salon.
  • 24hr Tan is your partner in success by assisting you with purchasing the equipment and services you need, for less than you could buy them on your own.
  • 24hr Tan offers constant mentoring to help solve problems and help you with your tanning salon.
  • 24hr Tan professionals have proven extensive indoor tanning industry experience in all aspects, from opening tanning salons to the tanning equipment, the 24hr operational systems, the indoor tanning products, tanning salon operations, tanning salon upgrades, and all other aspects of the indoor tanning industry.

We would be happy to talk to you about opening your own 24hr Tan location.
Every tanning salon is different, there is no cookie cutter solution for a 24hr Tan salon. Our 24hr Tan professionals provide critical analysis of your areas demographics, market factors and competition before finding the best custom 24hr Tan solution to maximize your profits and minimize your expenses to have your own 24hr tan location.

Please call us at 877.398.1339, so we discuss how 24hr Tan professionals can help you own your own profitable 24hr tanning salon.