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Own your own Salon

Own NEW or Convert Your Existing Location to Your Own 24hr Tan!

Imagine… running a more profitable tanning salon where your customers have 24 hour access that will help maximize your salon’s revenue and minimize your labor costs, reducing your salon’s operating expenses.

24hr Tan™ offers you the experience, the knowledge and the equipment to help you open a new, highly profitable, 24 hour tanning salon designed to run automatically without having employees constantly manning your salon!!

The indoor tanning industry has changed significantly in the past 5 years. The old ways of running a profitable tanning salon simply no longer work any longer.

Are you considering opening a new tanning salon and unsure what to do next?

As tanning salon owners, we know it is a very scary thing to invest your hard earned dollars into a new business. There is so much you do not know about the tanning industry. How do you know what to do? We understand your stress! Our first advice is that you should ask questions of everyone. Ask for the details and look at the alternative answers.

24 hour tanning salons are the way of the future in the indoor tanning industry!

Just think of your tanners using your tanning salon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without any employees draining your bank account.

24hr Tan offers you a proven customer service system that incorporates your existing tanning salon facility for less than the cost of many new tanning beds.

24hr Tan helps you through the entire conversion process of your salon.

24hr Tan offers constant mentoring to help solve problems and help you with your tanning salon.

We would be happy to talk to you about converting your existing tanning salon to a 24hr Tan location. Every tanning salon is different; there is no cookie cutter solution for a 24hr Tan salon conversion. 24hr Tan provides individual advice to maximize your profits and reduce your conversion expenses.

Please call us at 877.398.1339, so we can discuss how 24hr Tan professionals can help you convert your existing tanning salon to a profitable 24ht tanning salon.