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Welcome to 24hr Tan!

Tanning is all about looking great and feeling great!

24hr Tan is all about you getting your best tanning results, fast! How do you get your best tanning results? Simple! Use the best tanning equipment for the right amount of time and use the best skin care products to accelerate your body’s natural tanning process! How? Let the 24hr Tan staff teach you how to combine our 3 different levels of professional tanning equipment with our exclusive tanning skin care products to help you achieve your best tan.

It’s all about getting your best results!

The first time you visit our 24hr Tan location, our 24hr Tan staff performs a professional skin typing interview and then we will review your tanning history to determine your best 24hr Tan plan.

Our exclusive 24hr Tan Plan is your road map to those results.

The 24hr Tan staff will program the tanning equipment specific to your use with the correct amount of time to insure we are tanning your skin, not burning your skin.  The 24hr Tan staff will help you determine what the best tanning and skin care products are for you and when to use them. These products will help your body process the tanning bed rays and help extend your tanning results.